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Epenhdeals.com is Cambodia shopping place that brings buyers and sellers together to trade almost anything

How Epenhdeals.com works

Any seller can list the item for sale on the website using the web based tools. The seller sets price and provides a detailed description with its image attached. Other users can browse these items and buy it.
Epenhdeals.com earn money charging the seller a commission on successful sales.
Epenhdeals.com does not sell any goods itself but provides an online platform to facilitate trade between buyers and sellers.
Epenhdeals.com operates a payment system as an add-on service to users in order to speed up the receipt of payments between buyers and sellers as well as to assist sellers in reconciling payments they receive from buyers.
You don’t have to leave home to get what you want, just a click away and you gets your goods delivered within one or two (1-2) days in Phnom Penh area.
Note: Delivery will be delayed during holidays, but you will always be able to place order on the website. We will contact you for delivery after holidays.
Epenhdeals.com offers great exposure to vendors: open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, available from anywhere.
Selling and buying online is a thrilling process, which has proven successful for sellers as well as for buyers - locally and globally.

How to buy

You can buy practically everything on Epenhdeals.com, from brand-new products to difficult to find collectibles.

When you buy on Epenhdeals.com, you are buying directly from sellers registered on the site. That means that you are more likely to pay less for the same or similar item than you would normally pay anywhere else. That also means that you are responsible for your transactions.

To enjoy the best online shopping experience, take note of these guidelines:

 1.     Carefully read the item description and features.

 2.     Estimate the shipping fees to your location by clicking Get rates on the right side of the product page

 3.     If anything is not clear to you, ask the seller a question with message or when placing an order.

 4.     Compare similar offers and prices from different sellers.

 5.     Click “Click to buy” button only when you are sure that you want to buy a specific item from a specific seller.

 6.     Click on "Checkout" button, fill your contact information, shipping address and place an order by clicking "Submit" button.

 7.     Remember that the transactions on Epenhdeals.com are with the sellers directly and that they are legally binding.

 8.     After you place an order, check your email for invoice.

 9.   When you receive your item, log in and rate the seller.

 10.   Say "no" to sellers who try to bypass the Epenhdeals.com system.

 11.   Seek advice from your fellow buyers on the Product comments.

 12.   Contact Epenhdeals.com team with feedback form if you notice any suspicious behavior.

When you register as a user on Epenhdeals.com, you agree to our Terms and Conditions. Be sure to read them.

Have a safe and enjoyable online trading experience with Epenhdeals.com

If you have feedback or need help, please contact us info@epenhdeals.com.

How to pay

Cash On Delivery

You can pay after delivering product. Please check product first before signing Act of Acceptance

Epenhdeals.com team