Money Back Policy

You have seven (07) days to deliver the goods to our company if you do not like the goods. We will receive the goods pleasure. You can exchange for other goods or keep your money to order other goods later on. You can change the amount or other goods in case:
1. You must have the bill correctly when orders portfolio
2. You did not receive the goods
3. You got these damaged goods have not been used yet
4. Unlike goods in the pictures shown on website
5. Goods must be the original format and choking or the same brand when receiving goods from company
6. The frequent exchange of goods or more could not reasonably be considered deception, so we do not get the goods back
7. The consumer goods for external damage which can only know and see the damage inside, we can not switch back
8. You must complete the form of delivery of goods contained in our website
Note: For you who live in the provinces to send the goods back to us a number of ways, such as through Cambodia Express transport company bus which available in your province. Please attache with a return form that you filled in our website (you can find and print the forms out through your e-mail). Please write our phone number 023 213 123 on the goods when sent back to us.
Warning: when you send goods back to us, please do not use the taxi way through, otherwise we are not responsible for the loss.